Although not much has happened on this site for a long time, my genealogical research has been going on.

Now the family pages have been updated. Over the past four years, my database has grown by 1558 persons, so there are now 8205 in total. At the same time, many sources and notes have been added (which are not shown here on the page).

In the future, I hope to be able to update the pages more frequently.

Many of the place names are still not displayed correctly on the map, as it requires a lot of manual work to get it in place. It will of course be corrected along the way. Since some of the image files may contain information that is not freely available, I have chosen not to include images in this update. Some of them will be added later. It probably says 404 where there should have been an image.

Although Webtrees offers the possibility to get a user account, no one has currently got one, as the user account in its current setup does not allow to see more information anyway.

Remember that it is possible to search for place names and see relationships between two persons. There is no information on living persons or persons who died less than 10 years ago. Notes and sources are not available on the web.

You will find the family pages here. Have fun with the hunt.